Author, Tony Giordano

Following a long career in consumer market research, Tony is now an adjunct college instructor in social science and a research consultant in program evaluation. He has a BA in economics from Lafayette College and an MA in sociology from Brown University.

The entry into advocacy and activism for Tony was prompted by his struggles obtaining proper diagnosis and treatment within our outdated and ineffective mental healthcare system for a depression condition. He has written a book and a number of articles chronicling his search for the origin of the depression and his myriad efforts to obtain effective treatment.

In 2011 Tony became a member of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Monmouth County, where he stepped up his activism. There he serves on the Social Action Committee and Climate Change Action Team. Tony now spends much of his time working as a volunteer for reform in public policy related to the issues of climate change, money in politics, and economic inequality, subjects on which he has written editorials and articles for newspapers and websites.

In addition to being a member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Tony works for reform of money in politics as a volunteer with Represent Us and the Restore Democracy team of the North Jersey Public Policy Network.

The prime motivation for Tony’s activism is the moral obligation to leave his children’s and grandchildren’s generations a habitable world where social justice and human rights prevail.

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