Author, Susannah

Susannah Newman founded the American Dream Movement of Cape May County and subsequently NJOCU.  She contributes to the site as an Author.

Formerly a professional dancer/choreographer/university professor and then the original Coordinator of NJ for the Overturn of Citizens United. Susannah is currently a practicing filmmaker and political activist.  She is the mother of an adult son – a chef who holds 2 degrees, has $20,000 of college debt, and 2 part-time jobs with no benefits. She is also the mentor/advisor to many highly skilled, working artists who live below the poverty line. Hence, the issues she cares passionately about revolve around are income inequality, public funding of elections, fair taxes, a sustainable planet and affordable education and healthcare for all – with the root issue being MONEY IN POLITICS !

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One response

  1. Sussannah,

    well said! why is it our political system doesn’t yet realize your picture, if not the norm, is too common to ignore. we’ll fix it!

    and good luck these coming weeks,

    -=*+* Marty

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