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More resource links:

There are several organizations involved in the fight against Money in Politics.  The following are key players in the  movement specifically seeking to amend the constitution.  NJOCU believes that a constitutional amendment will be necessary to truly reclaim our democracy.  These links point to organizational tips, recruiting ideas, facts, figures, arguments, document templates and yet further links to other resources – all intended to help inform you as deeply as you want to go and ultimately make your efforts productive.

If you don’t need this much detail, remember you can contact real people on the Local Efforts page.  We’re happy to provide as many short cuts as possible.  That page also has a local resolution template and a link to a short list of great resources at Resolutions Week, as well as a PDF from U.S. PIRG with lots of useful data.

Free Speech for People
Resources for Activists from FS4P
Recommended Reading from Move to Amend
Resources and Information from Move To Amend
Learn more from Move To Amend
Campaign for Congressional Amendment Sponsors from Public Citizen
Money in Politics portal at Public Citizen


Government by the People from PFAW
Government by the People Activist Packet (PDF) PFAW
Money in Politics from Common Cause
Amend 2012 from Common Cause
Amend 2012 Toolkit from Common Cause

Sample Resolutions


Resolutions Week (PDF)


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