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2014 New Jersey U.S. House Primary Election Candidates


As NJOCU has always supported an amendment, the following is a quick guide to all candidates indicating support for the amendment process to overturn errant SCOTUS decisions on campaign finance.

District 1               Broomell, Cobb, Norcross

District 2               Cole, Hughes

District 3               Belgard, Kleinhendler, Todd

District 4               ———–

District 5               Cho, Sare

District 6               Pallone

District 7                 ———–

District 8               Sires

District 9               Pascrell

District 10            ———–

District 11            Dunec, Murphy

District 12            Chivukula, Watson Coleman, Greenstein, Zwicker, (Holt can vote until 1/15)

Senate Incumbents – Booker, Menendez (positions known only for incumbents at this time)

The detailed results are published here, in print media, and on other websites, and are being distributed through a number of major email distribution lists.  As this process has been work-intensive and time consuming, please bear with us.  Owing to time constraints we have asked for support from partners in getting Republican Senate Primary candidates positions.  Please check back before the primary, if these are not yet posted on your first visit.  Thank you.

We will again publish these same candidate positions for all candidates on the ballot in advance of the general election.


NJOCU provided a formal “Ask” that every candidate could use to go on the record.  As well, candidates were given the text of 3 amendments, a listing of NJOCU coalition members, and a summary of the 16 states and 13 NJ municipalities that have sent resolutions to Congress.

Six candidates had no campaign website or other obvious public listing with phone, email or postal address so as to deliver the “Ask” and relevant information to the candidate.  Otherwise, every candidate was contacted, though some chose not to respond.  We made clear to each candidate that choosing not to respond – i.e. non-participation in the “Ask” process – would be interpreted as a non-endorsement of an amendment or of any other solutions to our broken campaign finance system.  We interpreted those that were unreachable as offering no solutions.


We would like to thank those candidates who participated, whatever their views.  This is why we have a democracy.  Thanks.


All candidate Positions on Money in Politics and Strategy to Amend the Constitution to Overturn SCOTUS Decisions

1 Frank Broomell (D) YES -H.J.R.20 & 21 If elected, will co-sponsor. Will speak publicly for an amendment. Thinks H.J.R. 34 is too broad. Wants big money out!
  Garry Cobb (R) YES AMEND Supports American Anti-Corruption Act (AACA) in its entirety andan amendment, as yet unspecified. Will speak publicly. Open to other reforms.
  Claire Gustafson (R) NO to AMEND Sent materials, spoke with candidate; left 3 phone & 4 email messages, No response and no solutions offered.
  Lee Lucas (R) —– —– No campaign website, email or phone. No contact. No solutions offered.
  Gerard McManus (R) NO to AMEND Does not think amendment is the answer. Agrees that money can buy “undue influence”, but contends that an educated electorate & term limits are a better remedy.
  Frank Minor (D) NO to AMEND Made contact. Sent info & amendments. No response or solutions offered from 8 (email/phone) attempts.
  Donald Norcross (D) YES AMEND Supports an amendment, including concepts in H.J.R. 20, 21 & 34, but not specifying a bill unless/until elected. Voted & spoke for NJʼs SR 47 in 2012.Will speak publicly for amendment.
2 Mike Assad (R) NO to AMEND Believes that money is free speech and that it should not be limited – that organizations or individuals have the right to spend their own $$ and advocate for issues as they choose.
  David Cole (D) YES – H.J.R.34 or 20 & 21 Met for 2 hrs. Knew texts of each amendment. Worked in Obamaʼs 1st term White House. Sees money as root cause of policy gridlock. Candidates must speak out.
  Bill Hughes, Jr.(D) YES – H.J.R.34
(& 21)
Met for 2 hrs. Wants big money out. Not sure how NOW one gets elected without it. As a lawyer, thinks there might be a problem with 20, but will speak out about the issue & 34.
  Congressman Frank LoBiondo (R) NO to AMEND Met for 1 1/2 hrs. Unresponsive in meeting & since. Did not return “Ask” after 2 requests. Voted at very last moment for Disclose Act.
3 Aimee Belgard (D) YES – AMEND “Would work fervently” to pass an amendment. Doesnʼt want to endorse amendments she did not help craft, but is speaking out on this issue.
  Howard Kleinhendler (D) YES – H.J.R.34 Would, if elected, co-sponsor HJR34 and will speak out about the issue. Is committed to this issue.
  Steve Lonegan (R) NO to AMEND Contacted him 5 times (website, email, phone) with no response; no solutions offered
  Tom Macarthur (R) NO to AMEND. Left 4 messages on campaign website requesting way to send “Ask” & info. No response. No solutions offered.
Bruce Todd (D) YES – H.J.R.34 Main point: Is speaking out and endorsing amendments because independent candidates cannot compete w/ big money. LaRouche Dem.
4 Ruben Scolavino (D) —– —– No campaign website, email or phone. No contact. No solutions offered.
  Congressman Chris Smith (R) NO to AMEND Contacted him 5 times (website, email, phone) No response and no solutions offered.
5 Roy Cho (D) YES – H.J.R.34 or 20 & 21 Endorses amendments & will speak publicly about the issue. “Once elected, I will be an active cosponsor of similar legislative efforts.”
  Congressman Scott Garrett (R) NO to AMEND Contacted in District and 3 more times at DC email and phone. No response & no solutions offered.
  Diane Sare (D) YES – H.J.R.34 or 20 & 21 Endorsed amendments. Will speak publicly. Contacted NJOCU to go on the record. LaRouche Dem.
6 Congressman Frank Pallone (D) YES – H.J.R.20 Has co-sponsored this legislation for 2 years. Is speaking out about it.; strong supporter
  Anthony Wilkinson (R) NO to AMEND Contacted through campaign website several times requesting email address. No response.
7 Congressman Leonard Lance (R) NO to AMEND Met in DC Mar & Apr – 3 more contacts. No response, no solutions offered.
  David Larson (R) NO to AMEND. Talked to staffer. Emailed materials. No response and no solutions offered.
8 Congressman Albio Sires (D) YES -H.J.R. 34 & 20 Will be co-sponsoring both 34 and 20 and will be speaking publicly about this issue.
  Jude A. Tiscornia (R) —– —– No website, email, or phone. No contact.
9 Bill Pascrell Jr (D) YES – H.J.R.34 Has been a long-time co-sponsor of 34 and is speaking out about the issue; strong supporter
  Dierdre Paul (R) —– —– No website; no email or phone. No contact.
10 Yolanda Dentley (R) —– —– No website, email, or phone. No contact.
  Aaron Fraser (D) NO to AMEND. As above, messages left on website. No response or solutions offered
  Congressman Donald Payne (D) NO to AMEND Sent info & amendments. No response or solutions offered from 6 attempts.
  Robert Toussaint (D) —– —– No website, email or phone. No contact.
  Curtis Vaughn (D) NO to AMEND 3 messages left on website requesting email to send “Ask” – no response or solutions offered.
11 Lee Ann Brogowski (D) NO to AMEND Left 3 messages on website requesting an email address. No response or solutions.
  Mark Dunec (D) YES – H.J.R.34 or 20 & 21 Will speak out on amendments & cosponsor if elected. Spoke on the phone. Believes public policy is at the mercy of big money.
  Rodney Frelinghausen (R) NO to AMEND Met with him – Not persuaded or interested.
  Rick Van Glahn (R) NO to AMEND Received 3 emails + all info. No response or solutions offered.
  Brian Murphy (D) YES – H.J.R.34 or 20 & 21 “I fully support getting money and its corrupting influence out of politics.” Wants to overturn CU and will speak about that goal publicly.
12 Upendra Chivukula (D) YES – H.J.R.34 If elected, will co-sponsor. Will speak publicly. Voted & spoke for AR86 in NJ Assembly, 2012
  Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) YES – H.J.R.34 &/or
20 & 21
If elected, will co-sponsor. Will speak publicly. Voted & spoke for AR86 in NJ Assembly, 2012
  Alieta Eck (R) NO to AMEND Left multiple phone messages asking for email address. No response or solutions provided.
  Linda Greenstein (D) YES – H.J.R.34 &/or
20 & 21
If elected, will co-sponsor. Will speak publicly. Voted & spoke for AR86 in NJ Assembly, 2012
  Andrew Zwicker (D) YES – H.J.R.34 &/or
20 & 21
Strongly endorses: “…money is destroying the fabric of our democracy…at all levels of government.”
12+ RushHolt(D) YES – H.J.R.20 Earlysupporter. And amendment bill co-sponsor.  Not a candidate for congress in 2014.
Incumb Sen* Sen. Cory Booker (D) YES – S.J.R.19 New co-sponsor and will speak publicly on the issue. Met w/ Legis. Dir., DC 2014
Incumb Sen* Sen. Bob Menendez (D) YES – S.J.R.19 Has been a co-sponsor for 2 years. Has been speaking publicly on the issue. Met w/ Legis. Dir. in district, 2012.

+  Not a candidate for re-election, but remains a voting member throughout remainder of 113th Congress (until mid-Jan 2015)

*  Both incumbent senators were contacted prior to New Jersey primary registration deadlines in 2014.  The summary of their support for S.J.Res.19 came from those meetings and from a recent review of the Thomas Registry of congressional legislation online.  We still hope to publish a coalition partner-provided guide to the Republican senate primaries before the primaries.  If you are a Republican candidate for senate from New Jersey, please contact us at and/or comment at the bottom of this page.


Three or more attempts were made to contact ALL incumbents and challengers for the U.S. House of Representatives from New Jersey. Once we obtained email addresses or meeting appointments, we sent or hand-delivered to ALL candidates: the “Ask”; the text of the 3 most endorsed amendments now before Congress; and relevant information about our NJOCU coalition and the national movement.

In many cases, we also sent candidates the PDF files of some or all of the coalition’s 17,000 NJ petition signers calling for anamendment to overturn Citizens United v FEC.  In the aftermath of McCutcheon v FEC, polls show as many as 90% of voters are angry at that such SCOTUS decisions have allowed money to overwhelm elections and thereby dictate public policy.

“Comments” offered in above table are NJOCU summaries of candidate’s written statements or statements made during interviews/meetings.  Candidates may comment further and directly online under “Leave a Reply” at  In the fall, NJOCU will specifically cover all candidates on the ballot in the 2014 NJ Senate race.

SUMMARYofRESULTS:  NJ on the Record concerning an Amendment to Overturn
(specifics in table above)


House Incumbents: 12 (includesHolt) 6 (vacancies)
House Challengers: 35 16 13 (nocontactinfo)
Senate Incumbents: 2 2 0 0
Totals 48 22 19 8

NOTE:  Some of the “No Amend” responses are “Soft No”  non-responses, as the incumbent or challenger did not respond to our request to return an “Ask” and go on the record; thus, they were automatically recorded as a “No Amend”.  However the  “Yes Amend” category only includes those candidates committed to an amendment strategy.


American Dream Movement of Cape May County, Blue Wave New Jersey, Food and Water Watch, Free Speech For People, International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 877, New Jersey Common Cause, New Jersey American Federation of Teachers, Move On Councils (Mid-Jersey, Essex, Hudson), New Jersey Communications Workers of America, New Jersey Citizen Action, New Jersey Main Street Alliance, New Jersey Public Interest Research Group, New Jersey Sierra Club, New Jersey State Industrial Union Council, New Jersey Tenants Organization, NewJersey Work Environment Council, New Jersey Working Families Alliance, People for the American Way, Public Citizen, United Steelworkers District 4, Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of New Jersey, NJ United Students, NJ Coalition for Peace Action, NJ Bus for Progress, Campaign for Americaʼs Future, NJPPN Restore Democracy, and NJOCU SignOn Petitioners.


The actual text of the Ask as presented to candidate in the 2014 Primary Elections:




Over 17,000 NJ petitions and the membership of 27 NJ state/national organizations (NJOCU) have spoken in favor of a constitutional amendment to address the SCOTUS decisions that have allowed big money to flood our electoral processes. The NJ legislature (Assembly and Senate) is on the record, having sent resolutions to Congress to overturn Citizens United by constitutional amendment. Below we ask that you officially go on the record by endorsing one of the constitutional amendments currently being discussed that would end the legal concept of corporate personhood and money as free speech for the purpose of restoring authority to federal and state legislatures to regulate elections and campaign financing. THIS IS A NON- PARTISAN ISSUE. Over 87% of Americans (Republicans, Democrats and Independents) feel strongly about this as a ballot box issue. NJOCU is asking all members of the NJ congressional delegation to go on the record and will publish the results of our “ask” on our website ( and in election informational pieces. If you choose not to deal with our request to answer the questions below, it will be interpreted as non-support of any amendment to overturn.

Please help us return democracy to the people. We are betting that you did not seek office to spend your time fundraising for elections, but would rather be solving the problems of constituents and legislating. Thank you.

1.  Do you support one or more of the following amendments? (see attached)


H.J.Res.34  (   YES   NO   )

OR  –>

H.J.Res.20  (   YES   NO   )


H.J.Res.21  (   YES   NO   )



S.J.Res.11  (   YES   NO   )

OR  –>

S.J.Res.19  (   YES   NO   )


S.J.Res.18  (   YES   NO   )


2.  Are you sponsoring or cosponsoring this bill(s)? (   YES   NO   )
If not, will you? (   YES   NO   )


3.  Will you speak publicly about the need for an amendment to overturn?
(   YES   NO   )


4.  If you do not support any of the above proposed amendments, why not?


How would you address the corrupting influence of big money in politics?


Name: ______________________ Email: ____________________ Phone _______________

Signature: ________________________________________ Date: _______________


Return address provided. Susannah Newman, NJOCU


NJ Congressional Delegation with summary results for 2014 House Primaries

The NJOCU 2014 Candidate Ask

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  1. To be against this amendment is to clearly be against democracy and in the pocket of the mega corporations. C.U. is one of the greatest blows to what America supposedly stands for. Although when one looks closely at our history it is easy to see that that the democracy that America supposedly stands for has always been more myth than reality. In reality America has stood for big business and the very rich for a very long time.

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