2014 NJOCU Congressional Candidate “Ask”


NJOCU is advocating a 2-pronged approach to getting big money out of politics. Over 17,000 NJ petitions and the membership of 27 NJ state/ national organizations (NJOCU) have spoken in favor of a constitutional amendment to address the SCOTUS decisions that have allowed big money to flood our electoral processes. Both chambers of the NJ Legislature along with 13 NJ municipalities are already on the record, having sent resolutions to Congress to overturn Citizens United by constitutional amendment. Below we ask that YOU officially go on the record by endorsing the appropriate constitutional amendment currently being debated that would end the legal concept of corporate personhood and money as free speech for the purpose of restoring authority to federal and state legislatures to regulate elections and campaign financing. THIS IS A NON-PARTISAN ISSUE.

Over 87% of Americans (Republicans, Democrats and Independents) feel strongly about this as a ballot box issue. NJOCU is asking all candidates for the NJ congressional delegation to go on the record to AMEND and REFORM.  We will publish the results of our “ask” on our website (www.njocu.org), member websites and in election informational pieces. If you choose not to deal with our request to answer the questions below, it will be interpreted as non-support of an amendment to overturn.

Please help us return democracy to the people. We are betting that you did not seek office to spend your time fundraising for elections, but would rather be solving the problems of constituents and legislating.

Thank you.

Do you support one of the following identical amendments? (see attached)

for Representatives: H.J.Res.119 ( YES NO )  for Senators: S.J.Res.19 ( YES  NO )

Are you sponsoring or cosponsoring the above amendment? ( YES NO )

If elected, will you?  (  YES  NO  )

Do you support the Government By The People Act? ( YES NO )

Do you support The Disclose Act? ( YES NO )

Do you support The American Anti-Corruption Act? ( YES NO )

Will you speak publicly about the need to AMEND and REFORM ? ( YES NO )

How else would you address the corrupting influence of big money in politics?


Please note that this is the Current 2014 General Election Candidate “Amend and Reform” Ask.  For the Ask use in teh 2014 Primary Elections see the Archived Page.  You will need to navigate down that page.

NJ Congressional Delegation
Ask Results being updated for the General Election November 4th, 2014
Ask Results before Primary June 3rd, 2014

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