Legislative Efforts

You can still sign the petition here to show YOUR support:  NJ FOR THE OVERTURN OF CITIZENS UNITED


Efforts to get a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United v FEC and to reduce the corrupting influence of money in politics requires activism and in some cases legislation at different levels of our government.  NJOCU started by getting the NJ State Legislature to pass a resolution calling on Congress to develop a constitutional amendment to solve the problem.  Our success is chronicled here.

We continue this state level effort by making sure that state legislative incumbents, and opposing candidates when relevant, continually demonstrate their commitment to the movement.   Under the most common scenario for constitutional amendments, the State Legislature will be responsible for ratifying any amendment proposed.

NJOCU may also seek a second state level resolution making a more definitive demand of Congress or simply re-iterating our expectation of a meaningful response from Congress.  There is currently no such specific bill proposal, but we do encourage all state legislators to directly engage the NJ Congressional Delegation in support of the resolution already passed.  We also encourage ALL New Jerseyans to apply this pressure on their state legislators.  The job is not FINISHED!  State Legislators need to remain aware of and active in our movement.


NJOCU is also talking directly to US Congress members from our state.   This effort is explained here.  Although we do not “officially” support a specific amendment proposal, NJOCU members campaigned in August of 2014 for the passage of SJR-19 in the Senate.  With changes made over that summer to SJR-19  and the creation in the U.S. House of companion bill, HJR-119, this bill #Democracy4All seems to be emerging as the most viable amendment proposal.  HJR-119 at the time of this writing has 124 sponsors and cosponsors.  SJR-19 has 49 sponsors and cosponsors.  Support is still largely partisan with Democrats choosing to go on record.  On

Other amendment proposal bills are still listed.  HJR-34 had previously been the most sponsored bill and was supported by Public Citizen and other similar orgs.  The Senate companion bill for HJR-34 is SJR-11.  While HJR34 has 76 sponsors and cosponsors, SJR-11 has been largely abandoned by the Senate after the efforts in the summer of 2014 to pass SJR-19.  There are other bills as well (explained here), but we recommend focusing on the most popular companion bills, HJR-119 and SJR-19.  Congress needs to hear from you.  And Congress needs to act on this issue, NOW.

Please contact us using the form below if you would like to help NJOCU get commitments from the New Jersey U.S. Congressional Delegation. We will help you collaborate with others in your district.

Curious about all of the amendments proposed in the current session? Here’s a list.

We also continue our efforts at the local level.  Communities around the state have joined in calling for a constitutional amendment.  Our successes are chronicled here.  Please, help us by adding the voice of your community to the movement.

You can still sign the petition to State Legislators to show YOUR support:  NJ FOR THE OVERTURN OF CITIZENS UNITED

You can also show support for the specific bill currently called SJR19 using our online petition.  The bill did not survive its recent cloture vote, but is expected to re-emerged next year in the same form:  NJOCU for SJR19

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