Road to victory – Origins of NJOCU

A bit of History.   2012 – New Jersey becomes the 9th State.

In the fall of 2011 The American Dream Movement of Cape May (led by Susannah Newman) discovered that Assemblyman Herb Conaway from Delran had proposed a bill to call on Congress to amend the constitutional to overturn Citizens United.  Over the ensuing months these dedicated activists from Cape May showed the bill to their state senator (Senator Jeff Van Drew) and he authored an identical bill for the Senate side of the legislature.  They also began the process of resurrecting the bill on the Assembly side of the legislature, where the original bill had actually died in committee.  Assemblyman Herb Conaway stepped forward again.  The language and intent of the original bill was completely retained in the two new bills ~ AR86 and SR47.

Using SignOn, New Jerseyans were encouraged to join in sending a message to state legislators and to the US Congress calling for a constitutional amendment.  The petition caught fire.  At last count this petition had the support of just under  seven thousand New Jeseryans.  By the time that both bills had re-emerged, the NJOCU movement was beginning to form.  Several groups were now represented in the coalition.  People from the SignOn petition a stayed active.   NJOCU walked each bill through each step of the process – first through committees and then through passage in the general session.

On October 4th, 2012, New Jersey’s State Senate passed SR47.

On October 18th, 2012, when the New Jersey Assembly passed AR86, New Jersey became the 9th State in the nation to call for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizen United.

You can still sign the petition here to show YOUR support:  NJ FOR THE OVERTURN OF CITIZENS UNITED

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