New Jersey Becomes the 9th State to Call for a Constitutional Amendment

New Jersey is now officially the 9th state to tell Congress it must vote to overturn Citizens United through a Constitutional Amendment!  Both NJ state resolutions (AR86 and SR47) will go directly to Washington – congratulations and thank you.

SR47 passed on October 4th by a voice vote with no nay votes recorded.  AR86 passed October 18th by a roll call vote: 49 Yeas – 23 Nays – 6 Abstentions – 2 Not voting.

NJOCU remains committed to the goal of getting money out of politics and to the eventual ratification of a specific amendment proposal from Congress (or a people’s convention).  While we are happy to see that our efforts on AR86 and SR47 have come to fruition, we do understand that a lot of work remains to be done.

Here’s a sampling of what we’re working on NOW.

  • Direct contact with New Jersey’s national congressional legislators on the topic of money in politics and specifically a constitutional amendment to re-enable or instigate campaign and lobbying reforms in America
  • Passage of local resolutions throughout the state
  • Grassroots organization building
  • Efforts to broaden the base to include a wider spectrum of political partisans and civic groups
  • Efforts to educate the public and the media

Current List of States calling for a constitutional amendment (at the time of New Jersey’s passage).

New Jersey
New Mexico
Rhode Island

This is what people-power looks like.  People are rising up all over the country and saying they want a government by, of and for the people; NOT by, of and for the money interests!!

Again – THANKS to all involved!

Contact Us to Get Involved.

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